terça-feira, 14 de abril de 2015

Dia 10 - My first try on english

Hi there. It has been a good long time since my last try to write in English, but i'm in a training to pass the TOEFL exam (a proficience test to atest my english skills) and i NEED to learn how to do it. Furthermore, i need to listen, read and speak well, and it will be very clear in this text that i have still a long work to do before the test.

I thought it is a good idea show this test to my brother who lives in Germany - even he lives there, he speaks much more in english that in any other language (it's because he is the University, and it's kind a cosmopolitan environment, with students from many places of the world) - so he can take a look in my words and let me know what i need to improve. I can't think any other way to improve my writing skill, so, that the way.

For "listening", i'm following an youtube channel called DudeLikeHella, from a guy who used to live in California (and makes lots of videos there, and seems to be very popular, with even a movie "company" [company doesn't seems to be the word; it makes the thing seems very huge; it's more like a producer, or a 'maker'. I don't know]) but decided to live in another place which he doesn't know until to move. In the first videos of the serie, he even ask the viewers to suggest where he must to live. He ended up deciding to go to Alaska, and to me it's makes the channel very interesting, 'cause Alaska is a little like Canadá, with snow and cold, and very very small population (what makes the place enormous); ah, and with wolves, and mooses and guns, i can not forget to mention. I'm watching this channel because it's a legitimate American, speaking in the American way, and without subtitles, what forces me to hear and listen each word he is taking to say whatever he wants to say.

I'm not taking any effort to try to develop my "speaking" skills, 'cause my teacher (Máris) said the TOEFL test i need to do (that which UFRGS offer to be make [FOR FREE!!]) doesn't have any speaking questions. I'm still thinking about it, 'cause my teacher (the same teacher) said that each University has his own requirements, and maybe the kind of TOEFL UFRGS offers me could not be accepted (what makes me to think i need to save some money for this, maybe). Anyway, it's just a little far to think about that now, and my first preocation is to learn the others, 'cause i know that i will just speak well if i can listen and writing well.

At last, my reading skills are ok. I think i can beat the exam without practice how to read, 'cause i already read a lot of english texts on internet. So, it will not be my focus.

Ok. That's a lot of words, and i don't have so much more to write. I'm already admired with so many trash i can put together just for the need to write something. I'm going to eat something now.


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